Bishop Michael A. Smith Bio

Dr. Michael A. Smith, is vastly becoming an internationally respected voice for this time in history. He is a powerful Apostolic prophet, an apostolic overseer, and a leader's leader. A thinker, discerner of the times and a polemic sound all describe what his life brings to the kingdom of God. He has been in ministry for 26 years and has serves as the senior pastor of Inner City Kingdom Builders and the Bishop of LA 1st COGIC International. Prior to full time ministry, He was a highly matriculated academic, working for the drug and alcoholic abused, both as a practitioner and in counseling. He holds three earned academic degrees in the areas of Psychology, counseling and ministry.

To date, he is published and has traveled ministering the Word of the Lord to politicians and public officials, entertainers, professionals, athletes and leaders. The primary earmark of his ministry is unprecedented prophetic revelation, interpretation and demonstration; Apostolic 5-Fold Ministry and a very uncommon demonstration of the supernatural gifts of the spirit.

Aside from being committed to his personal destiny, he considers his greatest contribution and achievement being the pillar of his family. He is the husband of Dr. Ethel Reid-Smith , a former health care professional and his co laborer in life and ministry, and he is a father, and grandfather.