Dr. Ethel Smith Bio

Dr. Ethel Reid-Smith


A gatherer of information, an organization structurer and possessor of revelation knowledge describes the ministry of Dr. Ethel Reid-Smith, the wife of Dr. Michael Smith, and a cutting edge minister in her own right. She is a powerful communicator of the word of truth to a generation indifferent towards the Church and the message of the Gospel.


In addition to her responsibilities alongside her husband as the co-senior leader and Leader of Women of the thriving LA 1st COGIC International, Kingdom Builders of New Orleans, LA, she is also the Founder and Vision Holder of ICFGM CDC, a healing, wholeness and missions organization. The goal of the organization is to minister the Gospel of Grace to families – spirit, soul and body.

A provocative and radical teacher, she has committed herself to being and training others to become living epistles to be read of men, even in the darkest of places. She is a published author, a degreed counselor, and an advocate of physical health, emotional health, spiritual and soul maturity.