Dream. Develop. Dominate. Repeat.

The Kingdom Builders (KB) is professionals (male and
female) networking association of ICFGM,INC.


Providing an environment for community, service and relationship building amongst Christian professionals from various sectors and industries.



In highly self-fulfilling and debase environments, it is more important than ever to gather and connect with others who understand the juxtaposition of navigating the business world, while maintaining Christian values. Christian relationships with professional people is a commodity. The Kingdom Builders (KB) is the result of this incredibly powerful combination – Industry (King) + Faith (Priest). KB provides a forum for development, implementation, and the melding of creative ideas, and innovative strategies to help the underserved and represented of impoverished and deprived communities using the expertise of Christian professionals, across countless professions.  The goal of KB is to build family relationships and celebrate the Christian journey with fellow members committed to the success of one another. Beyond simply becoming a part of ICFGM Kingdom Builders an organization, partnering and working in KB is a lifestyle.


  • Must be a current member of an ICFGM church
  • 3 or more years of active work in a single or related professional field(s), that is progressive—even if experience is garnered from multiple companies/organizations
  • At the time of interest in KB, professionals should be at the senior manager level and higher if they work for corporations/organizations, where applicable
  • Entrepreneurs should be able to prove that their businesses are functional, legal entities, in good standing
  • Athletes and Creatives should have resumes, portfolios, reels, or other collections of their work that document their "mark" in their perspective industries
  • Must have an active LinkedIn page and/or professional website

Must be between the ages of 20 and 40